Thursday, May 13, 2010

NRBQ - C'Mon Everybody

There was this huge flea market type of, I mean store in Goldsboro when I moved here 16 years ago. I went in a few times but it was musty and nasty and they had a huge area with albums but the albums were mostly beat to hell. I don't remember ever finding anything there and eventually forgot about it. Well, cut to about 5 years ago. I went downtown for something and it was obviously boarded up and about to fall apart. This guy was out front with the door cracked and as I walked by he said he had good deals inside. He said he had purchased the rights to the building as it was condemned and was to be torn down. But after he bought the rights, the City would not let him get anything out due to the heath danger and the fact the place was about to crumble. I asked "Are there any records?" He replied yes come on in. Ok, the place smells of mold, you can see sky in places when you peer in, there is water dripping and beams and some of the roof is on the floor. You are a hard core record junky, what do you do? That's right you justify "it's not really that dangerous" and you go in. Anyway, there were tons of lps that were soaking in a nice soup. I was disappointed and thinking I was probably going to contract some lung disease until I found in a dry spot a box of 45's and 60's promos to boot. Now many of them had some mold on the labels and needed to be cleaned. I ended up buying about 50 of them and then went back the next day and bought the rest. I even braved going deeper into the structure searching for more but to no avail. The city got wind of his dealings afterwards and made sure the poor fellow stayed out of the building until they demolished it. The poor guy did not get to salvage much but I got this way cool early NRBQ 45.

NRBQ - C'Mon Everybody.

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