Monday, April 06, 2020

The Black Diamonds- See The Way

Another Monday down the drain. How about a cool 45 that has nothing to do with COVID19. I picked this box set (and box set part two) last year on my first Colorado trip. It had been on my want list for ages and I walked into this record shop and both copies were a 1/3rd of the retail price on sale. To me, this is the highlight of the box set. Of course this is a reissue of rare 45's only released in Australia in the 60'  was this 45 never released in the states. The original is mega rare and how about the original video!

Sunday, April 05, 2020

Pink Floyd - Stay

I seem to have focused on new wave/power pop/punk over the past week. I will continue with that theme over the coming weeks but I did spent some time today recording some older stuff to balance it out. Tonight's song is a common theme we are hearing. Stay in place, shelter in place, social distancing,...seems like it is giving us some social isolation...well some of us anyway. I did venture out to Lowes today to pick up some items to work on gutters...plenty of people out. Some, like me trying to avoid others...while there were other people that acted like it was business as usual. I even saw a food truck in a parking lot and there must have been 75 peopling milling around waiting...crazy!

Saturday, April 04, 2020

The Jam - Mr. Clean

I purchased some clorax wipes about 2 weeks ago. The lady told me to grab extras but I did not want to be a hog. I guess I should have been a hog as the store has not had any since then..or if they have, they have sold out immediately. Continuing my theme for the Vinyl Apocalypse. Try to find stock or Promo copies of this obscure US release from the fantastic Jam! The B side was a UK hit and previously made the blog. I have come to extremely appreciate the Jam as I have gotten older and I have truly neglected them. I believe I will have to remedy that in the coming months and post some more

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Marty Willson-Piper- Frightened Just Because of You

The Church were always one of my faves...There always appeared to be band discourse and guitarist Marty Willson-Piper finally left a few years back. This was from his second album way back in 88. I purchased this import 45 new then. So how does this relate to the Virus Apocalypse? I was in the post office yesterday waiting my 6 feet and a person at the front desk started coughing and did not cover their mouth and for some odd reason I thought of the b side of this 45, "Frightened Just Because of You."

Monday, March 30, 2020

Plimsouls- Zero Hour

I guess Zero hour is 30 days from today. 30 days of a stay at home order. If we want to beat this monster listen to our elected officials. No stupid parties like the guy in Maryland and we can worship at home and not need to be in a crowd at a mega church in Florida

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Stranglers - Something Better Change / Straighten Out

An article in USA Today states 'Life may change for us all'. There is no may about it, Yes it will change. How can it not change with all of the deaths and sickness we have experienced since January. But it is obvious our society is having a difficult time with change- me included. I went to Lowes today to get grass seed since I figured I will be home the next month I might as well try to grow grass again in the backyard. I did my best to keep person distance but the rest of the store seemed not to grasp that idea-business as usual it seemed. Same with Sams club yesterday. If we want to get over this, Something Better Change and we (me included) better straighten out and stay home. Minimal trips to the store, drug store and post office...nothing more for 30 days.

I was an undergraduate Social Work student in 1985 when I bought the USA EP for a quarter at a flea market. I had never heard of the Stranglers but this looked cool. First listen blew me away and I proceeded to buy everything I could get my hands on from them including the original UK copy.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Oingo Boingo- Nothing To Fear (But Fear Itself)

We live in some strange times, strange days. I hope that everyone out there is shuttered in safe and listening to the powers that be. My job sent me home nearly 2 weeks ago to work remotely at home. I can tell you right now that I don't like it. I miss my office. But I have a job that cares enough to protect us, I'm safe, and I have everything I need. Now the Governor of North Carolina has ordered a 30 day shelter in place starting Monday at 5pm. This will be the true test of marital

So I thought, what can I do to make the time more enjoyable. I have this neglected blog and I could post songs...but not just any about songs to listen to in this Virus Apocalypse. Songs in some way or another or just plain vaguely fit the times. First up is a song that my college roommate played to death. I found this recently and had to buy it. I know many people are scared (not enough if you ask me from my observations of business as usual while trying to shop). But if we take precautions, and stay in...we have nothing to fear but fear itself.