Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Plastic People - Hide

I'm overloaded tonight on school and music. I've been searching for articles on research to critique for my class Saturday. And the articles have to relate to 2 chapters my group is assigned to do a power point presentation on. Not easy but I finally found 2 articles that may fit the bill. And the music overload is the question of what to upload to this fanciful nightly diversion I have. I have such great stuff lined up that I am almost giddy with anticipation. Picture sleeves have always been an important part of my collecting. To be honest, I get pissed just thinking about all the great songs of the 60s that did not have a US picture sleeve. I feel cheated, I mean, can you image what great sleeves Crimson and Clover or Crystal Blue Persuasion could have had...damn Roulette records! Or how about Columbia records. They put out all these cool promo sleeves...could they not have graced us with one for the Suprise Package! And they gyped us on the Byrds. Paul Revere and the Raiders had a ton of sleeves but only a few for the Byrds. And speaking of the Raiders, why did Columbia skip one for Cinderella Sunshine? Have I really written this much-most I've written in months combined...lol. So, tonight is a cool little 45 and PS from the Plastic People on Kapp. Love it.

Plastic People - Hide


pfft said...

I *love* this song! Perfect Byrds-ian folk-rock.

You can find more info + a Brazilian PS here:

Poppacool said...

You are correct. Thanks for the link. I will check it out.