Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Mark Radice - Natural Morning

I find record collecting sometimes to be a matter of luck, guess work, perseverance, begging, and sometimes flat out weighing the finances. Take the post from last night, I pure lucked into that 45. Some of the most valuable items in my collection have come from luck and guess work. I have a pretty good working knowlege of records but not as as good as many of my followers. I am in awe of your knowlege. I will often buy a record if it looks out of the norm. Sometimes it is so bad I am sad I spent money on it. Sometimes my toes curl it is so good. I don't have the financial means to drop $400 bucks for a record. I salivate over many items that are outside my means. That is where luck and perseverance comes in. It is the thrill of the hunt. Going to a junk shop and pulling out a stack of 45's and seeing endless Helen Ready and Anne Murray 45's and then bam, that promo Doors single is right in the middle. Talk about karma....how many times have I been tempted to stop flipping through LP's because of all the polka or mitch miller lp's I am looking at? I keep going because of positive reinforcement of my memories. Like the time I found at a yard sale a huge box of polka lp's and forced myself to look through them all. They were all in perfect condition crap, but you know what the last 2 lp's were? An early sealed Johnny Cash lp on Columbia, and a perfect in the shrink wrap with the 1.97 price tag, probably never ever ever ever played Meet the Beatles...a buck a piece my dear friends. Or the time at the Salvation Army where I was looking through beat to hell copies of Andy Williams lp's only to come across a perfect copy of Velvet Undergrounds debut LP......35 cents!
Yes, those finds are fewer and fewer these days. But when they happen, all is right with the universe. Yow, this is the most I have written in ages...guess my working on my paper is getting my creative juices going....If I would have written about empowerment, social justice and self determination I could have included this in my paper...lol!
This was a recent pickup. I never was into teeny boppers but this song is just too catchy. I believe it was his first release when he was 8 or 9 years old. This song was supposedly recorded by Frankie Valli....would love to hear his version. I uploaded other Mark Radice singles last year and I have one more to get to sometime in the next year.


Mark Radice said...

Hi :) It's me, Mark Radice :) no, REALLY I mean it, it's ME. Glad you like the 45....if you wanna hear more of me (now age 53) then go to youtube and type in whozgotmyname (my channel name) plus I have like 8 CD's on CDbaby.....and then there's the other 43 years of music in between "Natural Morning" and now :) (lol) so....how do I get the royalties for you playing this on your site? Ok then just buy a CD (lol) Thanks again - Mark

Poppacool said...

I love these singles! I have checked your stuff out on Youtube...loved the video with your wall of items....I also have Save Your Money up and one of these days (unless you object) will upload 10,000 year old blues (with a picture of the promo sleeve). My aim is to mostly upload music few have heard...