Sunday, January 01, 2012

Bhagavad Gita - Long Hair Soulful

How about a best list. Here are the top 10 songs on my site since I started.

1. The Astronauts 1960's Boulder Colorado Surf -415 pageviews
2. The Devons - Honda Bike - 188 Pageviews
3. Wild Thing Old Lady 1969 Elektra-182 Pageviews
4. Shonen Knife - Space Christmas-140 Pageviews
5. The Nice - The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack- 139 Pageviews
6. Milton Delugg - The Munsters Theme-126 Pageviews
7. Small Faces- Lazy Sunday -115 Pageviews
8. Spring Fever - Stop! -105 Pageviews
9. Don &The Goodtimes- Sweets For My Sweet-97 Pageviews
10. Cornbread Payin My Dues & Blessed Be The Name- 94 Pageviews


snakeboy said...

Would the C. Mangione in the writers credits be Chuck??

Poppacool said...

I just found a version on youtube by Gap Mangione so good call snakeboy, I think you are correct!