Friday, February 17, 2012

Lula Reed - Walk On By Me

I decided during my lunch time that I would hit this little flea market I know on the edge of town. I went there about a month ago when I had a day off from school and bought about 15 albums, some real nice soul and a few Psyc promos. I was really pleased until the guy said, "somebody came in last week about bought about 200 of them".DAMN. I can just imagine. Oh well, I went back today and he did not have any more. So I walked around a bit dejected, when I spied under on a shelf in another booth a stack of 45's and lp's and 78's. I started going through them and found some really interesting off label 45's, as well as an original yellow label Hank Williams MGM lp, and an MGM 78, an Elvis 78 on RCA, several doo wop 78's (all the 78's were in pretty nice shape). I also found 3 Elvis 45's with picture sleeves, a Wanda Jackson 45, a Johnny Cash on Sun (what no ELVIS on Sun..bummer). Anyway, no prices and the guy did not know but he left a message for the person at the booth. I gave him my number and asked to call me. He calls later and tells me a buck a piece. I went back and bought them then went over to my friend's to show him my spoils. He had some lp's he was giving me and he showed me some other 45's he had picked up. I spied a few NC soul singles and as he likes Elvis I traded him the 45's and picture sleeves for the soul singles. I know they will end up here at some point when I get time to record them.
I bought this one a few years back in this large lot of promo 45's I found by luck (much like today).

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