Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Billy Riley - Flying Saucers Rock & Roll

I've been trying to pace myself. I'm up at 3:45am M-S doing my field placement at 5am to 8am, going to work, getting home at 5:30pm, doing home work and hitting the pillow before 8:30am. So needless to say I am sneaking in a little blog for a few minutes. Did take my wife to see the Feelies at Cats Cradle in Chapel Hill on Saturday. I took some pictures and videos but the big thing I learned was I need a new camera! Oh well, the feelies will have to be on my other blog if I ever get back to it.


DrunkenHobo said...

One of the best records ever made. Hopefully some of oyur younger readers will dig the Sun (TN) Rockabilly sound.

Mellow said...

A true classic.