Sunday, June 09, 2013

Rascals - Glory Glory

I had a productive weekend. Friday night my wife and I went to Chapel Hill to a concert (The Bats with Mac (from Superchunk) - great show in a small club and I was beat when I got home. Today started off  with early morning church, then came home and uploaded some songs to the computer, went to an auction up the road and bought 3 metal 45 boxes full of old country, R&B and rock 45's..mostly 50's country, and 1 box of LP records that were pretty much crap but in the bottom of the box I spied 4 Elvis Presley and 1 Ricky Nelson hard cover EP's and then came home and mowed the lawn. The records were a nice haul considering I found nothing on Saturday's yard sale trip.
I was thinking of this song while in Church so

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