Sunday, August 18, 2013

Well I am having computer problems. My computer was dead when we came back from vacation (the battery was drained even though it was off). I replaced that battery and it won't charge and slowly drained. I returned that one for an exchange and have the same problem this time I am taking out the battery when I turn the computer off. Power supply won't power the computer unless the battery is in it. I went looking for another laptop yesterday but was disgusted by the computers and left empty handed (well, did buy an external hard drive so I can back up my computer).  So my plan is to make sure I have all my files off my lap top, and I will start to configure my wife's old lap top (I bought her a new one as she was starting to have problems with hers but at least it wasn't dying). I may be slower on my posts till I can get a new computer and I am hoping to be able to wait until black Friday.....we shall see.

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