Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The Yeomen My Girl Full Of Happiness

I have been going through the computer trying to come up with some postings and I have to tell you what a pain. Over the past year I recorded 45's to the computer but did not scan the labels, or I scanned labels but .....did not record the 45. Once I get a new computer I have some organizing to do with these pesky files!
Here is a bubblegum 45.....I'll see if I can match up some soul. Speaking of soul, I have over the past month lucked into some fantastic soul 45's, matter of fact I have picked up some fantastic all around 45's.

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KL from NYC said...

Any possible connection to Canada's Dee & The Yeomen? No clues from the label info. The music publisher belongs to the label (which was formerly Time & Brent Records), so it could be a pickup from outside the US.