Friday, December 27, 2013

Boris- Hully Gully Holiday

Last Saturday I went to the Flea Market for the first time in months. I was pleasantly surprised with how many vendors were selling vinyl and purchased about a dozen 45's. Unfortunately, a lot of the prices were expensive, especially considering the condition. One guy had a box of 45's, mostly 70's and 80's new wave that he said he found in a barn and they looked like it.  There is a possibility that I will hit the flea market tomorrow again so hopefully I will find a few more treasures.

On a more miraculous note, my wife and I, and the "kids" (our cats) had a late Christmas present today. Over a month ago, one of our cats (4 years old) escaped out of the house. He was our "anti-social" cat and barely would let us touch him. I had taken up our dryer vent hose to exchange it and in the process he had gotten out from under our house. We did not know he was missing until the next day as he pretty much hides daily. We searched and searched and could not find him. I crawled all under the house looking for him (not my favorite activity by any means) and he was not under the house. All the cats were upset (especially Momma and brother cat). Periodically over the past month I swore I heard him but my wife thought I was crazy. On Sunday, I heard a noise on our front porch and when I opened the door a gray cat took off. I told my wife I thought it was Ashton but my wife pretty much had given up hope and figured he had frozen to death over the past month. I figured if any of our cats could survive it would be that ornery cuss. Two days ago my wife was outside and came in and said, "It was Ashton, I just saw him and he went under the house." So today, I unhooked the dryer vent and put some cat food out and an hour later the cat is in the spare room. I hooked the dryer vent back so he would not escape. So he's locked in the spare bedroom and I have to catch him so I can take him to the Vet tomorrow for a checkup.


Holly said...

Yay Ashton! :-)

Poppacool said...

Yes indeed..the onery creature! Welcome back Holly, hope you had a nice holiday season