Saturday, March 01, 2014

Lords Of T.O.N.K. - Miniver Cheevy

I have no information about this one but I like it


Le Mot Juste said...

I was so amused to stumble on Miniver and White Knight. As the sole English major of T.O.N.K, I will take credit -- or blame -- for the literary leanings of these cuts. I in truth wrote all the lyrics and the bulk of the music on the latter. Young and naughty as I was, I amused myself with 'Knight' by penning a (very) thinly veiled extended metaphor shall I put it...carnal knowledge. As I recall, my main goal was to write a song that would enable me to play a harpsichord in the studio. Mission accomplished. Alas, Vic De Lucas, Miniver's lead singer and solo guitarist (and later dental surgeon), is gone. So is Jim Murphy, rhythm guitar and great rock vocalist himself. Anyway, thanks for providing me this chance to hear this again after so very many years -- for I have no copies of the Jamie 45. I'll be sending this link to my daughter in London, to prove to her (maybe) that, once upon a time, her father was not boring. Incidentally, we were a Philly band.

Frank Dineen

Poppacool said...

Thank you for sharing. I am glad you had a chance to listen to this again. One of my favorite pick ups over the past year