Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Buckinghams - Hey Baby

I had a long 2 days of sitting in a work shop in Raleigh but it was worth it. There is nothing like getting home, kicking off the shoes and reclining back and relaxing.
Tonight's post is one of those "I normally don't post these casual hit records" posts. I picked this up a few months ago at a thrift shop [cheap and in fantastic shape], and I heard it on the radio a few days ago and quite frankly forgot what a fantastic song this was. I guess that is the good thing about being my own "blog boss"....I can indulge in music that strikes my fancy.

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23 Daves said...

As a British person, I wasn't aware of this track until about five years ago when it turned up in an ebay auction. It was a complete flop here, but it's wonderful - supreme sixties pop. One that should be heard far and wide.