Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kim Fowley - Strangers From The Sky

I like to listen to a show called Coast To Coast while I drive to work at 4:30am in the morning. They often have discussions on Aliens and such. I could imagine Kim being a guest describing his experience [if he had one] 'There is Life on Alpha Centaury, the North Periphery, eyes of the living stars have seen us". Tonight we are back to Kim the artist. I doubt Frank Sinatra approved of this one!


Timmy said...

Michael Lloyd, the producer for this excellent song, was one of the speakers at Kim's funeral, yesterday. He was hilarious & true. Thanx to he, Joan, Melody and most of all, Michael deBarres.

Timmy said...

I mistakenly named Melody as a speaker, That should have been: Doreen Ringer Ross.
My apologies.