Saturday, March 21, 2015

DivShare issues

DivShare seems to be having some issues, or rather, I am having issues with it. I noticed it last weekend after it was down awhile. I hope to find a solution soon. In the meantime, I'll tell you a story of last Saturday. I drove in the rain to see my step son last Saturday, take him out to lunch and he happens to have moved to a town where my favorite record store is. I went there first, found some cool 45s then hit a record show in another town. Made a mistake of buying some 45's from a jerk I have bought from before. He sold me crap last time and this time he over charged me [of course I did not figure that out until I got home] and one of the 45's had a bad warp and another one was cracked worthless. He was squirrely when I started to look the 45's over and distracted me. Of course I figured all this out when I got home. And then I remember he did that last time. I am not a big fan of dishonesty so I hope he liked my money, because it's the last he will ever get from me. There is another record show tomorrow but I decided not to go. It's not a very good one and I know he will be there and I'm still seething from last week.

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