Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sparkles - No Friend Of Mine

I picked up a few albums [for me] and some 78's [for my friend] at the flea market this morning. I came home, made some home made jalepeno poppers stuffed with cream cheese and grilled them for a snack while I listened to a Hank Williams LP I bought today. It's kinda funny mentioning Hank Williams as he is night and day different than tonight's upload. But Hank Williams has special meaning for me thanks to Grandpa. I think back to when we used to go to flea markets or yard sales and how he would buy everything vinyl up. I do know Grandpa would have easily given me the Sparkles.

 I first heard this song due to the Ohio band The Cynics when they covered it. When I eventually heard the original it was a must find but has proven very illusive. Until now, that is. Thanks to my friend Craig in Maryland who sent me this unplayed 45 from 1967.

One last thought, I hate it that Divishare became funky and is unusable leaving me with years of posts that have no sound. If there are any past posts that anyone wants to hear, drop me a comment and I will gladly upload it.

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plasticsun said...

Pittsburgh's Swamp Rats did a more fuzz heavy version, also very coll