Sunday, August 16, 2015

Dixie Humming Birds - I'll Keep On Living After I Die

Yes, I have been off the blog for a bit. But I have had a busy few weeks. First, I went at the start of the month to see my friend in Maryland for a few days. Had a great time and in the process made a new record collector friend. I managed to score some nice 45's from him, of which tonight's post is one of them [although the 45 is somewhat rough condition]. I have some fantastic Peacock 45's but had never seen any on red vinyl and I picked up 2. Perfect gospel.

As I was driving home from Maryland I was thinking how I have way too many records and need to start selling them to free up space but then what do I do, I go and buy  about 12,000 45s earlier this week. I won't go into the whole story here but I they were from an unpicked find- yes unpicked. There are bit more Country 45's than I would have liked [probably at least half of the find] but the rest were 60's [with some 70's] rock and soul and most are promos. Found some items I have looked for awhile for, although I have not had the opportunity to go through all the boxes and boxes and boxes. I figure to set up a website at some point to start trying to sell stuff I don't want. Stay tuned.

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