Sunday, July 17, 2016

Beat Happening - Red Head Walking Sub Pop

Wow, it's been a month since my last upload. My laptop has been having problems with charging and I'm waiting for the repair shop to get the part in. Damn thing is only 2 years old. Anyway, I'm working off older stuff recorded and scanned or working with my All In One Computer...what a pain.

One of the things I had planned since making this blog more inclusive of my collection was my plan to share some of my favorite Sub Pop 45's. I've been collecting Sub Pop since pretty much their beginning. I have a World Class Sub Pop collection [yeah, kinda of bragging but I have pretty much everything but the Nirvana Love Buzz 45]. Each Sunday I plan a Sub Pop upload. Today's is one of my all time favorite 45s. I bought the black and red vinyl version new in 1990. I found my 1st green vinyl about 10 years ago and recently scored another copy on green which is slightly different than my marble version. The Green Vinyl copies have been known to be really pricey. I highly recommend Dreamy, the LP this song came from.

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