Sunday, August 11, 2019

12" Single Spotlight Husker Du - Makes No Sense At All

Quite a lot has happened in since the end of June. My wife (and Bently of course) had vacation planned to go to Colorado to see my step son get married. Two days before our trip, I was driving home from work and this young lady ran a stop sign out in the country and smashed my car. We both were blessed to walk away from the accident but I then had to drive us to Colorado.. We enjoyed the wedding but the trip was long and difficult on all of us. I was so stiff form the accident and when I returned I started seeing a Chiropractor to limber my shoulder and neck up. I also had to buy a new vehicle as she totaled (my paid off) car. I purchased a Chevy Colorado and while I don't love the gas mileage I'm getting, I love the fact I have me another pick up truck after 18 years.

My last post was made while we were staying at my mothers and I have just been short on time to post again. I thought I would do another 12" single spotlight. I picked this one up in Denver in 1992 or so and it I felt at the time it was a present for the hell I had been going through. A few months earlier, I had sinus surgery and my immune system was low and right afterwards I contracted Mononucleosis. I had no energy for over a month and was out of work. I bought this on my first trip out of the house at Doubleplay Records. I was a huge Husker Du fan and could not believe I found this. You could get some deals at Doubleplay but the owner also could be a jerk at times. And yes, I paid a buck for it.

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