Saturday, November 02, 2019

The Electras - Big Thing

Tonights post is a request from my friend Jason.  I also took the time to upload some songs that links no longer work. 1st one is the other side of this one. The other two are also NC 45's that I have had request to repost. I do take request and maybe, just maybe I have what you would like to hear


Aidan B said...

Thank you for uploading this gem! I enjoy this, and so many other songs you have posted.

If you are still taking requests, here are a few JCP sides I would love to hear

Co-Heirs - Knock On Wood / She Cried
Little Billy Benton - Please Tell Me / Hold On I'm Coming
Bill Dale - Till You Look Back Tomorrow
Slim Short - Lucky Lips

Cheers from Asheville, NC

Poppacool said...

I uploaded the LIttle Billy Benton- I had the title incorrect on Discogs and I revised it....enjoy