Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Billy Daniels - Woe, Woe, Woe

I had recorded many 45s, and took pictures of the labels/sleeves during my summer break. But alas, I seem to be running short of my usual fare of soul, instrumental, hot rod/surf 45s that are ready to go. My studying takes a front seat and I just don't have the time to record some more. I plan on catching up over Christmas break. For now, enjoy this nice early 60s soul 45

Billy Daniels - Woe, Woe, Woe


Anonymous said...

Hey Gregg, Really great blog with some killer obscure 45s. Glad I found it :-)
The audio quality is great too and is a pleaseure to listem to. So many other 45 bloggers use bad turntables and software so the end result is pretty, but your is A++!
Can I suggest that you scan the record labels without the sleeve rather than photographing them? That would be really appreciated. They then look fantastic on a music player screen!
Thanks again!

Poppacool said...

Thanks. I use Roxio 10 and have not cleaned anything up digitally...what you hear is what I have. I have some 45s that I want to upload that I will have get rid of the horrible clicks.
I would love to scan and will look into that during break. I work full time and am also going to Graduate School and just don't have the time. Please subscribe to my blog and hope you continue to like what you hear.