Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Sparkles - The Hip

Ah, had another good day. Picked up a few LP's and 45's that are not in the spirit of this blog (Superchunk's new LP (Brilliant by the way), No Age new LP, Nothing Painted Blue 45, New Pornographers 45). All good things must end as tomorrow I have to go back to work.
Tonights offering is from the Sparkles. Not the more famous songs they put out but a great little raver none the less.

The Sparkles - The Hip

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Scott Greth said...

Hey man i really really love this track, its my favorite sparkles track but i cant find it anywhere, they only have the hipsville 29 b.c on amazon which i had to buy since it was only 3 dollars but they dont have the hip anywhere, and i mean anywhere. man and i hate to ask but please please i beg you man if you can somehow hook it up with this track i would so very much appreciate it. its just one of those that is a must have .


my email is