Monday, November 15, 2010

Ho-Dads - Space Race

Surf instrumental for our monday night listening pleasure.

Ho-Dads - Space Race


Brian Marshall said...

This was one of two records this outfit cut for Imperial. The other one, "Honky," is an early fuzz instro that's well worth your investigation.

Also, Lou Josie also wrote "Midnight Confessions" for The Grass Roots (one of my all-time fave Top 40 songs) and "Three's A Crowd" for The Evergreen Blues on Mercury.

Lou Pole said...

OMG. . .This group was out of Oklahoma city. I dated a girl (Nona W) that was somehow informally tied into this group in the early 90's. I remember going to her them play, and the tune that stands out most was "Nowhere to run." Sadly, not my best memory.