Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Nineteen Eighty Four - Amber Waves

I have several goals for this blog. One is to help keep me grounded. There is so much going on in my life right now and sometimes I feel I am pulled in 10 different directions. Just to spend a few minutes on this blog slows me down and allows me to enjoy the fruits of my collection. That is not to say it is not a struggle at times to (a) spend the time to decide what strikes my fancy to upload off the computer, (b) make sure I have a picture (c) babble an introduction (this entry has been written while on lunch). I would venture to say over 90% of my collection has not been recorded to my computer and I have no pictures yet. I don't have the time to spend doing right now, but plan on making a little dent during Christmas vacation. At that time I also hope to scan the pictures so they will look a little more professional. I refuse to clean up the sound on the 45's...what you hear is what I have. I have some things I would love to upload but the sound is crappy so they are off the list until I can locate a better sounding copy.

Another goal is to try to upload 45's that the mainstream has ignored or little attention has been paid to them. There are some 45's I will upload that are well represented on other well followed blogs, but I may add to my blog simply because I have it and because of their sheer brilliance. I can't help it if I was late to the party! There are songs I will upload that will not strike a fancy with anyone. I can accept that. I am pretty much doing this for me. Those who listen to my daily uploads will have to resign themselves to the fact that I may upload a bunch of duds in their opinion before I upload what they consider a gem. Think of it as a daily surprise party. I have an extremely wide range of musical tastes and I barely dent my musical loves in this blog. I had made a choice early on to try to refrain from uploading my punk/alternative singles, and may start a 2nd blog for those in the future. But then again, Christmas is coming soon; what kind of a Christmas countdown would I have if I did not include the Shonen Knife Christmas 45?

This was another 45 that I picked up the day I went into the condemed building (see NRBQ posting, if I remember correctly). This is the B side.  I emailed Mark Guerrero a few years back on his website. He returned my emails and seems like a nice guy. Brilliant song!

Nineteen Eighty-Four - Amber Waves

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