Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Cherokees - A Wonderous Place

A nice obscure British invasion 45.


Brian Marshall said...

You should also find "Dig A Little Deeper" also on MGM from this group. I'm not sure but I think they're actually Australian. I also have a 45 on the Aussie Go! label called "I've Gone Wild" by The Cherokees and I think they're the same band. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Poppacool said...

I will defer to your knowledge. I will need to keep an eye out for those others.

Mr Pinkwhistle said...

I'm sure they were British - there was another Australian group with the same name. I think this lot were from Liverpool - they certainly feature on a Mersey sound comp. This is a fine version of Billy Fury's hit - I prefer it.
Thanks for finding the time to post these gems. I envy you being able to pick up all the garage and beat singles. Hard to do that anymore in the UK!

Alan (V.) Karr said...

This group is British, from Leeds;
there were Australian and American groups by the same name.

A few years on this group renamed itself to the hipper "New York Public Library"

This track was released in the UK on Columbia.