Thursday, February 03, 2011

Choir - Don't You Feel A Little Sorry For Me & No One Here To Play With

I'm pretty disgusted tonight and am going to rant and feel sorry for myself. I'm in need of a new car as my reliable Civic has 200,000+ miles on it and is starting to have some problems and I can't keep taking it to the shop. I once owned a 1993 Ford Ranger which I dearly loved and have been wanting another pickup. I don't need anything huge so I test drove a 2011 Ranger today. I had my heart set on this truck till I sat in it. Talk about uncomfortable to sit in, terrible handling, felt every bump in the road and was incredibly noisy. What a damn waste of part of a day. So, not sure what I am going to look at next but at least there is music to soothe the soul.

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