Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ed Wool And The Nomads -Please, Please (Don't Go)

I had a busy day. The town I live in has a Pickle festival every year and the festival is down the street from my house. My wife made dog cookies and we were going to sell them in front of our house, and donate the proceeds to our church for local projects they do,as well as local disaster relief from the tornadoes.  I had to run to get my mail at the post office 20 miles away and she told me to get right home. On the way, I called a friend and he said "You have got to get to this yard sale, they've got thousands of records....bring money, lots of money." Oh crap, I had to get right back home and look what was dropping into my lap! I stopped, got money and went to the yard sale. Tons of 45's and lp's and just my friend and I and no one else..unbelievable! He already had a box full and was starting on a 2nd one! The 45's were all over the map from soul, rock, doowop, and lots and lots of country. I ended up buying 26 45's and 2 lp's but got the woman's phone number as she has much more at her house. A few of the 45's I can tell you will end up on this blog sometime in the future. I don't think I have ever looked at so many records as fast as I did. I got home and we made a measly $18 for disaster relief. But my dogs are happy cuz we have 36 bags of dog cookies left and my dogs are addicted to these things.

James Brown's birthday is next week. As a tribute, I thought we'd upload a cool garage version of one of his songs.

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