Thursday, August 25, 2011

American Breed- Don't Forget About Me

Well looks like we are going to have us a Hurricane. If the track continues as they predict then I will "enjoy" tropical force winds on Saturday as we are east of the I-90 corridor. I've experienced wind gusts up to 80 mile an hour before and it is no picnic. But it is much worse at night!.
Missed last night as my wife was in a car accident (she is just fine) but she totaled my new Toyota. Cars can be replaced but people can't. The car was a mangled mess and I have only one word for her surviving the wreck and walking out of the hospital with cuts and bruises...GOD!


Steve Fisher said...

Really enjoy your blog and check it out on a daily basis. Glad your wife is okay, and I hope you guys do okay with the hurricane.

Holly said...

What a run of luck for your family! Might I suggest you stay FAR away from cars for a while? :-)

Glad everyone's ok.

Have fun weathering Irene. Here in Durham we expect *nothing* excepy maybe some rain, but that hasn't prevented the usual idiots from doing the milk & bread thing. Why people worry about milk & bread rather than water and alcohol I'll never priorities:

crank radio
cat food
canned fish
more water
at least 10 books
charged ipod

will get me through any storm!

Jeffers66 said...

Good song, for sure... but I still think Dusty Springfield did it the best.

Poppacool said...

Scotch and there is a combination!
We're getting rain right now and I'm hoping the wind won't kick up too bad. The hurricanes we had 10 years ago were nasty so hopefully this won't be too bad.