Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Others - My Friend The Wizard

There is a little indoor flea market at the edge of town. I go there about 1x per month as they have never had any records before. Until today that is. I walked in a there were 3 big boxes of lp's right as you walk in. I ended up buying 27 lp's in pretty nice condition for fifty cents a piece. Some nice Donovan, Marvelettes, the 1st Electric Prunes. The woman that had them told me she has several big boxes of 45's in her closet (soul-James Brown, etc) but just can't part with them. Gave her my number just in case she changes her mind.
I really need to replace my turntable needle before I do any more recording. I have an extra cartridge but the screws in my current cartridge are too short. I have searched stores for little screws so I had to order some on the internet yesterday. Ordered a back up cartridge as well. Also read an article and watched some videos on steam cleaning records. Weird but I think I may give it a try. Here is a nice popsike 45. Unfortunately, the stock copy below is badly warped.

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