Monday, December 10, 2012

Mike & The Dimensions- Little Latin Lupe Lu & Why

I went to a record show yesterday and picked a ton of 45's. Some folks had 1/2 prices but it appeared to me the prices were jacked up so the 1/2 price did not look like much of a deal. Afterwards, went to Best Buy to buy a new router as the old one was giving us fits. I also bought an updated Roxio program that should help with taping directly to my lap top. I'm getting a list of xmas 45's I plan on uploading so hopefully you like xmas music.

I traded a friend for this 45 a few months back. I've thought about going into Frederick's of Goldsboro (which is still open) and ask them about this 45. I recently saw it was reissued and you can buy a pricey copy (although probably not as pricey as this considering I think only 500 were pressed). Not sure if this was autographed or not. Sorry about the sound quality but it's not in the bst condition

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