Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Donna Lynn - I'd Much Rather Be With The Girls

So we are supposed to get hammered with a snow storm 4-8 inches or so but so far it has just now started to sleet...I want to see big A** flakes and I want them SOON! Anyway, I received a call last night that woke me up and was told my job was closed today due to threat of rain/snow mix this morning. I still had to work at the clinic so I did not get to sleep in and still had to get up at 4am. I stayed extra at the clinic finishing up some paperwork I needed to, then headed off to get some stuff for dinner (wife made Beer Cheese Soup...Yummy). I felt like vegging and wanted to listen to music...what to do...oh yeah, I have this blog I upload stuff to...so I have spent all afternoon popping from one post to another. If I was motivated (which I am not), I would rescan the labels early posts and clean up when I tried to have the artist/title before the link to the song (yes, some of the early ones are a mess but again, not motivated). As I bounced around my blog I have to say I think I have done a pretty darn good job with diversity of genres and artists. I look forward to keeping it up.

I had at  one point wanted a "girl" solo/group night but it never happened. This was in the 3000 lot find from 2012. Listen to the song and then look at the writer's credits.....no peeking...wow, is this not a bizarre one...would have never believed it. Oh, and I have finally posted something else to my other music blog after nearly a year..check it out http://sonicparaphernalia.blogspot.com/

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john111257 said...

toggery five did this in uk