Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sir Douglas Quintet - At The Crossroads

I rarely take time to read what I have written in past posts, but when I do I realize it is often simplicity in motion. Let's face it, the words I wrote last night prove I'm not much of an inspired writer most of the time. I think it is possible that 3 years of graduate level papers I had to write, plus writing reports/plans/assessments in my jobs daily leaves me with no desire to be wordy in this blog. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy posting items from my collection and you are clicking on the posting because of the 45, not any words of wisdom I have to write. What I do enjoy is reading comments about the 45's that have meaning to you, such as the comment Katie recently made regarding the Huckleberry Mudflap. I have uploaded several 45's and received nice comments from daughters (Cornbread, Huckleberry Mudflap) or members of the band (Larry Coverdale), or the artist (Mark Radice)- those stand out...if there were others I apologize in advance.

So most of the time you will get simplicity in the words of this blog but you will always get the passion from the music that inspires me, or gets me going. I will admit that my posts are not always a planned affair- I've scanned and uploaded many songs to the computer but it's a roulette wheel happy accident of what I post when I post.  So in the immortal words of Dr. Evil, "Throw me a fricken bone here, I'm the boss, I need the info" I'd like to do another listener request week in the future....send me your want lists of things you have never heard, want to hear, or the songs that make you happy, or the songs that have deep meaning for you and tell me your story so I can share. I like the challenge of seeing if I have items and if I don't I like to identify things to search and listen to.


Timmy said...

Thia song is one immensely touching to me for a couple reasons I can say, and a couple of reasons I can't.
The first time I really HEARD it, it fucking floored me. But, it wasnn't by the author, here, Sir Doug. It was a cover version performed by Mott The Hoople. And it was on a radio show, the D.J. being Jimmy rabbitt, who is/was a friend of Sir Doug, as well as a fellow Texan. Years later, I was fortunate enough to meet Ian Hunter & I told him how striking his version of this song was for me. As far as Sir Doug goes, there is a docu-film in the works; here's a link:

Poppacool said...

Thanks for sharing. I found a clip of Mott The Hoople doing this so I hope you enjoy that as well

Timmy said...

Oh, man..... Ultra cool. Thanx for these. And everything else here. hope you'll be able to stick around for many moons to come.