Monday, June 09, 2014

The Survivors - Pamela Jean

I have had a pretty good run of luck. A friend gave me some Stones and Country Joe albums on Saturday. Then I went to an auction on Saturday night and bought 7 boxes of albums in quite wonderful condition. A lot of stuff I don't normally buy but you can't go wrong with perfect condition Julie London, Count Basie or Ella Fitzgerald albums. The other gentleman bidding against me probably ended up with 50+ boxes and he got a steal really with the last 30 or so boxes for 25 bucks. If I would have had a truck I would have bought more. We chatted a bit but I had to hit the road for a 1 1/2 hour drive but we have a lot of similar likes. Then today I found some import Sinatra albums and some promo 45's for .50 a piece at the Goodwill, which never has anything. Tonight I will post a pick up from the past few months. Brian Wilson jumped outside the Beach Boys with some other friends to record this.

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