Saturday, June 21, 2014

Trespassers - Living Memories

The 2nd annual Highway 301 Yard sale took place today. Last year it was 30 or so miles, today 100 miles. Last year my friend Jim and I went together and did ok record wise. This year we split up, he went south and I went North. We periodically kept in touch and both did well. I picked up about a dozen or so LP's, a couple hundred 45's and 50 78's (100 of the 45's and the 78's cost me five bucks). The best deal of the day came early and I have a contact that has about 1000 promo 45's at his house. Most of what he had today was promo 60's country but I did snag from him a couple dozen killer soul and rock promo's so I can't wait to arrange a time to go to his house to see what awaits.
I found a couple of copies of this 45 a few years ago and boxed them away and only recently listened to it. Both sides are pretty good

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