Friday, July 18, 2014

Dion and the Wanderers - Tomorrow Won't Bring The Rain

Happy Birthday Dion. As my little 2 week tribute comes to a near close, it is understood I only looked at the earlier years. At some point, I'll do a little bit with the Warner Brother years which was also departure for him.
For this release, it looks like Columbia was giving Dion one more chance with this Promo Picture Sleeve to promote. It did no good- however I rarely see stock copies so it was not really in stores.


Helmut Knochen said...

Very cool. Who were those dudes in the photo with Dion?

Poppacool said...

One of them is Carlo Mastrangelo who was in the Belmonts

Helmut Knochen said...

I found that place, for researchers who wonder:

CARLO MASTRANGELO plays the drums. He was already in The Belmonts.
PETE FALCIGLIA plays the bass. Also an Italian-American from the Bronx, he cut a couple of sides as a lead singer with The Belmonts for Sabina Records, after they'd split with Dion.
JOHNNY FALBO is a session man, a great guitar player.
Not on the picture, AL KOOPER needs no introduction, he's an extraordinaire session man and a great singer-songwriter in his own right. He plays the piano and the organ on these tracks, as anyone with ears could tell.