Saturday, July 05, 2014

The Mockingbirds - I Never Should've Kissed You Graham Gouldman

I went to some new territory close by to search for records today. I hit this town every once in awhile but for the most part have not spent a lot of time there. I know I should because the town has a rich history of music and I have this feeling there is a gold mine of fantastic records to be found if I take the time to search. Today I found a dozen 45's that I think will be pretty good once I take the time to listen to them. I also met one of the rudest men I have met in some time. I hit this little "shop" (I will loosely call it a shop) and asked the "owner" if he had any records. He is sitting smoking with his other old friends and yells at me, "I don't keep the HERE. I have 100,000 at home." I politely ask if I could get his number and maybe arrange a time to come to look at them. He yells at me, "NO, they are in barrels and they are all expensive" His friends all start laughing. Barrels...really? I smiled and walked away but I what I was really thinking is something I dare not print here.
Here is a 1965 single from Graham Gouldman's The Mockingbirds. What a brilliant songwriter he was (is). I believe this was the B side but quite frankly it was a toss up as to what side to upload (first) as both are pretty wonderul

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