Sunday, March 29, 2020

Stranglers - Something Better Change / Straighten Out

An article in USA Today states 'Life may change for us all'. There is no may about it, Yes it will change. How can it not change with all of the deaths and sickness we have experienced since January. But it is obvious our society is having a difficult time with change- me included. I went to Lowes today to get grass seed since I figured I will be home the next month I might as well try to grow grass again in the backyard. I did my best to keep person distance but the rest of the store seemed not to grasp that idea-business as usual it seemed. Same with Sams club yesterday. If we want to get over this, Something Better Change and we (me included) better straighten out and stay home. Minimal trips to the store, drug store and post office...nothing more for 30 days.

I was an undergraduate Social Work student in 1985 when I bought the USA EP for a quarter at a flea market. I had never heard of the Stranglers but this looked cool. First listen blew me away and I proceeded to buy everything I could get my hands on from them including the original UK copy.

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