Saturday, March 21, 2020

The Zombies- Care of Cell 44

The Corona Virus has really put things in perspective, has it not. My work has exiled us home so I had to set up a temporary home office in an unused bedroom. But at least I am still working so that is a blessing. I usually spend Saturday's digging for vinyl but have curtailed it the past 2 weeks, limiting myself to my friend's home. I went to his home today and dug into his vinyl he is selling. We kept our social distance. I picked up some killer 45's from him but the best part of the days was coming home to find this 45 in the mail. I think this 45 has been #1 on my want list for 20 or so years! Impossible to find and easily (in my book) their best song. I was lucky to score this copy in an auction but had to pay for it. 

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