Saturday, August 07, 2010

Listener Request: Changin Times- Pied Piper

The final listener request for the week comes from Grant. This is the original version of Pied Piper before it was a hit by Crispin St. Peter. I like both versions but this is my favorite

Changin Times- Pied Piper


sixtiiesoldiesguy said...

Quick question for you. Do You have a want list?


Poppacool said...

Sort of. As you can see, I'm a collector of many things so I kinda just find things that I like. If you have a list I would love a copy emailed to me.

sixtiiesoldiesguy said...

If you like (or anyone else) go to my personal web site.

Click on the By Artist button. Then click on Sixties Songs by Artist txt. You will see a complete list of the mp3 60's songs I have. If you see something(s), I would be more than glad to send you a copy(s)

Poppacool said...

You have quite a list. I saw a few I have been on the look out for on vinyl. I've got them on MP3 already but am looking for the 45s.