Monday, August 02, 2010

Listener Request: Rally-Packs - Bucket Seats

Monday night has been my traditional surf/hot rod night. Our next listener request comes from Brian. He did not give a specific request other than wanting an instrumental song. I have many instrumentals in my collection and this was the one I decided upon. The Rally-Packs were really the Fantastic Baggy's in disguise and this is the B side. I feel this could have fit in very well in the Pulp Fiction movie. The A side is killer as well but due to vocals, will have to wait for another day in the near future. So, Brian I hope this meets with your approval

Rally-Packs - Bucket Seats


Brian Marshall said...

Yes, this definitely meets my approval. That car crash noise in the middle freaks me out big time! I love it!

Now, you got any more?

Poppacool said... thought you would like this. Yes I do have more, and I will see what I can do later this week