Monday, May 09, 2011

A Handful - Dying Daffodil Incident

I thought I had uploaded this one before but it is not on the database I created to avoid duplication. It is hell to be so busy and to throw in worries about uploading a song twice in your blog.


Brian said...

You did enter this one before. It was a turkey then, it's a turkey now. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Please don't listen to Brian, he's wrong.
This is a lovely little ditty by the band formerly known as The Kitchen Cinq.

Poppacool said...

Damn,I thought I had uploaded it before but could not find it. Hope this is not the first stages of Dementia.
I'm glad someone else like it. Maybe I will do a week of uploading previous "turkeys". Then I can start a new blog about easy ways to lose whatever fan base you may have built up.

Doctor Gaz said...

"peanut duck" is a turkey, strangely enough