Saturday, July 07, 2012

Bobby Freeman - Lies & I Got A Good Thing

Found a few 45's in my yard sale search today, and my friend Jim gave me some gospel 78's on the Peacock label, and a rare garage 45 from Goldsboro, NC that I was unaware of. Last week Jim called me about a yard sale and I ended up buying between 100-150 albums for 50 bucks. Thanks bud!
For tonight, the #4 45 is the least pricey of my top 5.  Bobby Freeman was better known for songs like Do You Wanna Dance, and C'mon & Swim. I liked both sides but especially the "Lies" side. My wife said the opening music reminded her of Tom Jones. Maybe so, but I really really liked it. Just to give you a little anticipation, the top 3 are MONSTERS, and mean I MONSTERS in terms of how killer they are and how pricey they are.

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Carlos said...

...It's not unusual to be loved by anyone,
It's not unusual to have fun with anyone...
...your wife has a keen ear!!!