Friday, July 27, 2012

Johnnie Mae Matthews - Cut Me Loose

Yep, being excuses. Picked up the new Spiritualized LP this week. By far the best release of the year. Ah,  but that is for another blog. Bought a shelving unit today so I can reorganize my albums as I've got to get the record room(s) in order! I have so many lp's that I have started using the room next to my record room. My wife is not too excited about this but hey, my record room is upstairs and she never goes upstairs anyway. The other room is mostly the "junk" room anyway. For tonight, yes we have leftovers!


Holly said...

Nice! Do you know year? Thank you for sharing!

Poppacool said...

1967 according to global dog productions

Holly said...

Thank you!