Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Billy Childish- By The Way of Love and Hate

I think the Feelies did the trick on Saturday. Colorado roared back and beat those pesky Nebraska Huskers...Go Buffs. Maybe I will reserve the Feelies for gameday. A little superstition and luck
Tonight, I'm going to share some Billy Childish. I have loved Billy's music since I discovered him during his Sub Pop heyday. I've got my share of his albums and 45's but let's face it...there is way too much to collect. I did previously upload one of his Thee Headcoats releases. This is the newest Billy Childish release I have picked up in some time. I discovered Formosa Punk, a label out of Japan and saw they had released this.  I bought this directly from the label and paid a little extra for the limited green vinyl copy (only 25 made) that came with an autographed post card. The geeky collector in me says, "way cool".

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