Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Young Rascals - I'm So Happy Now

I have not uploaded the Rascals in quite a few years. Scans of stock and promo labels. This was the b side to How Can I Be Sure


Aidan B said...

I really dig your blog, I see lots of stuff here not posted anywhere else! Years ago, you posted about a 45 by the Electras on the JCP label. Do you have audio of the b-side, “Big Thing”? As a collector of rare Carolina 45s, that is one of the few JCP sides i’ve never heard. I can trade you a recording of one of my rarer records if you feel so inclined. Best, Aidan

Poppacool said...

I will see if I recorded the Electra's b side. If not, I will put it on my to do list

TheCzarsOf45 said...

Love the Young Rascals, a favorite sound of my younger years. This track is awesome.