Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bob Seger System - Lucifer

I've been reading text books for about 2 hours give or take time out to feed the dogs/cats and play catch with my lab and now the diversion of tonights upload. I changed my mind regarding what I was going to upload as it was a wimpy 60's pop song. I guess I need to space those out so we won't have any fights..lol....anyway, you can never go wrong with Seger. And enjoy the youtube vid as well...listen to the interviewer...talk about square. He does not appear to have a hip bone in his body...I'm suprised he did not pee his pants when Bob said the name of the song they were singing was called Lucifer.....Well, back to the books.

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reservatory said...

The clueless is Don Webster, of a Cleveland show called Upbeat.