Monday, March 28, 2011

Donovan - Teen Angel

Our next "b" side comes to us from Donovan. The "A" side (Hurdy Gurdy Man) was a smash hit with it's heavy heavy sound, while the "b"side was perfect opposite....slow and hypnotic. I don't think Donovan really has been appreciated for the artist he was/is...I foresee more of his "b" sides making the grade in future "b" side installments.


sixtiiesoldiesguy said...

If you like the B sides!!

Not beat my drum too much. Every week I post the ten B sides of ten top 20 A side hit of the a particular year in the 60's. Over the last 3 years I have posted over 1300 different B sides.

The site is


Poppacool said...

holy moly...I'll be lucky to do 7 every few months! I'm going to have to find time to check this out. Hopefully I won't duplicate your efforts too much. Luckily, not all my choices involve top 20 songs...some of the "A" sides barely dented the top 100