Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Charmettes - Please Don't Kiss Me Again

Had a headache from Hell last night so no posting. Here's a wonderful little early 60's girl group effort. I don't believe it was included on the girl group sounds 4 cd box set which is a total shame. They missed out on this catchy song.  On a side note, would love to have written feedback when a "yuck" is given of why you hated it. I expect this one to get a few but I've been surprised by some yuck's lately.


Anonymous said...

Great record, written and produced by Kenny Young, later of 70s pop legends, Fox. One of the Charmettes girl singers on this single, as you probably know, was Australian Susan Traynor, who later joined Folk Rock band Wooden Horse and then became the iconic Noosha Fox!

Salo Wolf de Stael

Poppacool said...

Thanks for the info as I was completely oblivious of anything related to this group