Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hardtimes- Fortune Teller

I saw the PDF for the Record Store day releases and I'm going to be SOL...I'm in school on Saturdays. It really pisses me off how these limited edition releases are handled. Most of the people buy them to sell on Ebay for hundreds of dollars..yeah, I know we live in a demoncracy but I actually like listening to the things I buy and I am not out for a big profit. I really wanted the Hold Steady RSD LP but they only made 600 or so and people were selling them for big bucks on ebay last year...I just hope I can get the Sub Pop releases....ok, deep breaths...working my self into a lather. So, in this "wishful thinking" mood I've got, I've uploaded a killer cover version of the ole R&B song....this was a minor hit. Stones also did a good version.

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