Friday, December 19, 2014

James Brown - Santa Claus Go Straight to The Ghetto

Well this was a pathetic waste of a day on the prowl for records. I went to a nearby city and community and found 1 45 for .50 in one shop and 10 for a buck in another. Mostly what I found was extremely high priced crap, in some cases 45's that looked like they had been soaked in a water bath and then the place wanted 1.50 for them...or another place with beat up lp's for 29.99. Then the kicker was when I got home I dropped the sack with the 45's and chipped 2 of them and cracked least it was only 30 cents worth of damage and they were worth nothing.
If nothing else, what is Christmas without a little James Brown.

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Helmut Knochen said...

Thanks for all the great posts this year. Hope you have a great Yule & greater 2015.

P.S. Just got to Crooks & its closed today.